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Fuck off, just FUCK OFF!!!!!!

Just in case a few of you haven't had your morning cup of "Die Motherfucker!™" yet:

Page scandal a 'calamity for gay Republicans...'
Less than 24 hours after Rep. Mark Foley resigned in disgrace, some 50 gay Republicans gathered at a friend's house in Virginia. They were in a brittle mood. Foley -- one of their own, in terms of sexual orientation and party ID -- had, by his misconduct, exposed them to personal and even professional recrimination. And they feared a backlash. A close friend of Foley's summed up the situation this way: "It is a disgrace. It's a disgrace for the party, and it's a disgrace and a disaster for all of us."

Washington's community of gay Republicans includes at least one member of Congress, more than a dozen high-ranking congressional aides, current and former White House staffers, advisers to the Pentagon, press strategists for prominent conservatives, several well-known journalists, and a legion of influential lobbyists.
What, Gannongate wasn't enough?

Let me be clear on the matter of gay Republicans, as I have before today. First off, for all of the 'work' they do in the name of inclusiveness, it comes down to the same thing - in swearing allegiance to a party that on the whole wants NOTHING to do with them, they make themselves a target for mockery - and not just from me, either - oh no!

Gay Republicans are some of the most self-loathing motherfuckers ever, bar none. Any venom directed their way is deserved, and I think they're a complete sham.

Jews for Hitler, African Americans for the KKK, Christians Fucking For Chastity, Atheists for Jesus, Cambodians for Pol Pot, and Gay Republicans.

Great, I'm fucking bleeding from the eyes now.
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