Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Elissa & Her Music

Elissa's memorial service was today in Athens, and it was really great. I don't have the energy to really post about it right now, but one is on the way. In the meantime, I'm reposting her music, including the stuff that has yet to be officially released.

The artwork is my own, the silhouette is from a picture I took of my beloved Damien and was all inspired by listening to this music. It was a project called "Nectar", and it is really great stuff, all covers. Elissa at her finest.

Nectar featuring Elissa Hadley:
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland) - [.flac]
  • Blood Sings (Suzanne Vega) - [.flac]
  • Knives Out (Radiohead) - [.flac]
  • 84,000 Different Delusions (Shawn Colvin) - [.flac]
  • Washing Of The Water (Peter Gabriel) - [.flac]
  • For All We Know (Nina Simone) - [.flac]
Tags: breathlanes, elissa hadley, grief, lenny, music, nectar

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