Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Photoshop Tutorials

Just posted three brand new tutorials to how_2_photoshop, a community I started and seldom have any time to devote to. All three tutorials are related to graffiti style artwork and stenciling, in honor of Banksy.

The first one has TONS of downloads: fonts, hi-res stock images, dingbats, and brushes. There's also a YouTube video I uploaded earlier today on making Banksy style artwork, you can even download a hi-res version to save. Trust me, that's better.

The second one shows you how to create stencils in Photoshop from inage files & custom shapes - VERY handy for also making vector type graphics from most any image.

The third one is all about Banksy, 'nuff said.

Tags: photoshop tutorials

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