Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

It Keeps Getting Better/Worse, Depending On How You Look At It.

House GOP Leadership knew about Foley almost a year ago, let Foley remain in House leadership, let him remain as chair of House sex offender caucus.

The upside is that now there's an open seat that before this would most assuredly have gone to a Republican, I'd venture a guess now that's up for scrutiny.

Jesus, these fucking guys... So exactly HOW does this fit into the party of Family Values? HOW is this in any way conducive towards helping protect children? So basically in one fell swoop we not only sanction torture but we codify it like it's just no big deal; Wiretapping gets another clear go-ahead; and again - all of this is somehow the Dems' fault; and now the Foley/Hastert scandal. Pedogate? Hmmm...

I fucking swear, if heads do not roll over this, and I mean in a BIG way, I'm climbing into a goddamned clocktower. Either way, he's clearly going to have a very productive career in an archdiocese somewhere, what with his now known history of not only being an active pedophile but having it enabled by the powers-that-be without any sort of retribution.
Tags: Die Motherfucker!™, are you fucking kidding me with this?, congressional corruption, pedophiles, republican incompetence, republican pedophiles
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