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I Hate Tags Inside My Shirt... ::grumbles::


John apparently will not respond to my post in his journal and there's nothing I can do about that. He knows I love him and want to help him if I can. John, just call me.

I'm very frustrated that my friend Ryan is in such pain and I'm not a magician who can wave it away with a wand or something. I'm going to do my best though to support him and build up what this completely insane girl has just torn down. I cannot tolerate people I care about being in pain and not do something, even if it's just spending time with them and being a distraction - or a lighthouse. I'm good at both. I've invited him to come to the house today and spend some time with me this morning/afternoon. I'm really hoping he does.

Damien came by to see me last night, and to bring me a present to help make me feel better. He gave me the new Jennifer Nettles Band cd, "Rewind". I listened to the whole thing, of course, and it was really good to hear her revamp these old songs I've missed so much from her Soul Miner's Daughter days. She'll be here on the 11th of October for another outdoor show at the Tap, and Maroon 5 is opening for her. I'm excited as I've never seen them either and Cheryl loves them.

Thank you again, sweetie - it's just like you to brighten my day with your thoughtfulness!

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