Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

From Bartcop:

"On the golf course, Bill Clinton is known for his dislike of playing his ball where it lies,
scoring honestly, and taking his lumps as the rest of us duffers must. He makes his own score,
always a good deal better than the real number. Someone else should be trusted to do the
scoring when it comes to Clinton's time in office. In the history books, Clinton deserves
to be counted as the President who did not protect us against Al Qaeda..."
-- Ronald A. Cass, whore and FOX News liar, Link

Hey Liar, how many American civilians were killed by Al Qaeda on Clinton's watch?
I think the number is 5 or 6. (WTC, 1993)

How many died on Der Monkey's watch?
About 2700 with another 2700 dead soldiers on top of that, so naturally, history will
reflect that Clinton's 6was worse than Monkeyboy's 5400and it's going much higher.

Oh, and Bush killed about 130,000 Iraqis, and it's going much higher.
But you say that's all on Clinton?


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