Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Saturday AM Politics & Once AGAIN Why I Am Not A Democrat

I'm emphatically anti-Republican/anti-Conservative, everybody knows that. The reason I'm not a Democrat? Because they're a fucking collective STUPID, that's why. Because they have a bounty of issues to run on, fucking MULTIPLE platforms, yet they're focusing on...the economy? Is this the most active counterpoint to Der Monkey's suggestive Clinton-Era high-tax-raising control of Congress? If I remember correctly, practically everyone in all 8 years of the Clinton Administration had a job, there was a record budget surplus, and in part because there was no major military quagmire sucking it all bone dry. Kos:
"See, that's why I don't think we're going to win back the House or Senate. Because you can always trust Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory."
Amen, brother!

Let's forget all about the press release yesterday on US fatalities in Afghanistan/Iraq, US servicemembers deaths which coincidentally have doubled that of 9/11. Let's overlook that $70 billion more for Iraq/Afghanistan, despite the deteriorating situations in both countries and no planned reduction in US troops in Iraq while NATO is BEGGING for supportive resources in Afghanistan. Forget that Iraq is costing $11.5 million/hour. Forget that the House Republicans released a "new" report on Iraq that they wrote back in June. Also, forget that the report is wrong, and that it comes out conveniently around the same time Chimpy is once again fearmongering.

Forget that there are other opportunities to snag votes away from the current leadership, such as the fact that rural voters are beginning to get wise to the GOP failures, that younger voters are pissed off and getting mobilized just as the Christian conservatives mobilize to rev up `values voters' with a little help from the usual suspects. Forget that the 9/11 leaders are drowning in their own shit and that it's happening faster than they can tread - yet they have the nerve to feign surprise.

Forget the selling out of souls left, right, and center. Forget the fact that focusing on the economy steers away from the people ruining our democratic society by turning it into a theocracy - all in the name of fighting religious fanaticism.

I could go on and on, but my head already hurts. Speaking of Clinton, who only told ONE documented lie (and considering the content, B.F.D), make sure to tune in tomorrow to his FoxNews interview with Chris Wallace, in which he bitchslaps the entire network. Excerpts from the transcript are up at Think Progress, full transcript here. Guaranteed to make you smile. Hell, reading it made me wish once again that I could give him a blow job.

city_of_dis concurs:
"We're on the same page with this one - what the fuck have the democrats been doing with their pussy-ass selves? Pardon me, oh Party of Tolerence, what the fuck is up with you barely lifting a finger in opposition to our government trying to sanctify human torture? You sackless hacks of human beings.

And you and I both know that when the '08 election rolls around, they'll try their same tactic, the one that has proven to be political hemlock so many times already - the old standard centrist vagueries that made everyone hate them in the last two elections: They won't make a stand about women's reproductive rights. They won't make a stand on gay rights. They won't make a stand about the environment and they won't make a stand on education.

Then, they'll sit back and wonder why half the country doesn't bother to turn out to vote for either the raving religious loonie or the cowardly, waffling pussy.

Gah, indeed."
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