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I Love Justice!!

Westerfield Gets Death Penalty In The Murder Of Danielle Van Dam...

U.S. Takes Custody Of 9/11 Suspect

This is the first of at least two updates I'm making today - the other(s) will be a recap of what happens later on this morning when I call Robin and David out in the presence of my boss for levelling a slanderous accusation against me without offering a single shred of proof to back the claim.

Check it out!!!

An M5?!?! How did you manage that? You must be pretty
important to have this car. The pinnacle of luxury,
performance, and envy, your V8 screams down on
even the M3. And hey, you can still take it on family trips!

Find out which car you drive!</font>

Which 10 Things I Hate About You Character Are You?

Who's Your Clueless Love Match?
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