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Okay, Folks... Here We Go...

This is basically where we are with the current website theft drama.

David went to my employers and accused me personally of posting negative comments to the guest book on his website, and that he was looking into whether or not I had done this from the radio station using company computers. He mentioned that legal action might be taken against me and against the company if in fact I had done this from work. When they called him out on his threat he backed off and tried to make it sound as if he were not threatning them at all, just as he did with me when I asked him directly if he was calling me a liar. Renea told me that David and Robin came up to the station yesterday and were looking at the computers downstairs, hoping to find something incriminating to use against me - were that I was stupid enough to leave something behind if I had - and left pissed off when they could turn up nothing.

I will state ONE MORE TIME that I have never posted anything to the guestbook. I've known all along that we might be taking this to court, and not only would it look badly of me to have posted negative commentary, it is not something I would do in the first place. To say nothing of the fact that I'm not fucking stupid and I'd never do anything to jeopardize either my job or the bid we're proposing to do the McClure websites. What anyone else does in terms of posting to the guest book is neither my responsibility or my cross to bear. I am responsible for no one's actions but my own. I will not condone or condemn what other people choose to post or not post to the guestbook, that is your own personal decision. Junior (the station owner) wants no part of the personal dispute, and I don't see where he should be involved in it anyway. I told him as much this morning when I was leaving work.

Tomorrow, Robin is going to come downstairs once Al gets to work and offer me a check for $170.00 (that would be $100.00 less than what the bill is for, for the total of work we did on the website). I can accept it or I can tell her no, that we will settle this in court. I've left the final decision up to Damien. Personally, I want the rat bastard to pay the money he owes, I DO NOT want to "concede defeat" as it were. This is about justice and fairness. This is about not getting screwed just because it is easier to not fight. I do not allow anyone to take advantage of me, especially when I'm trying to do them a solid favor. In this case, there are two things happening. The first is that someone is trying to get away with theft by taking without paying the full amount of what is owed. The second, and more personal thing is that this complete moron, who has NO clue of website design, is insulting me, Damien, his mother, and then going the extra step to try and get me fired from my job or at least have my reputation as an employee in good standing marred.

If this were solely my decision, count on me taking it to court. I'd call Richard (Hagler, my attorney) and ask him what the next step is to take. Right now I don't have the energy and the clock is ticking. This isn't my decision to make alone. Whatever we do, I can rest assured of one thing - karma is a motherfucker...
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