Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

SO Heartbroken right now

I just found out that an old friend, Elissa Hadley, singer of the band Lenny whose music I absolutely adored, died after a long fight with cancer at 1:30AM yesterday morning. bear_left, this is the band I was talking about. I haven't had that tape in years, all I have is memories of songs I adored in my head. Hearing them now would be the best thing in the world for me if I can ever find them. I got an email this morning from Tom Lewis of Tom Lewis Recording, and found a comment to an earlier post that Elissa's best friend Monica made to me yesterday, and I am just heartbroken right now.

I have no words, I am just completely cold and sad and struck dumb in my grief for the entire world, because it's been hugely ripped off.

Elissa Hadley, 1 April 1970-27 August 2006

I will post more another time, right now I don't have the energy.
Tags: elissa hadley, lenny
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