Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I couldn't make this up.

Jesus H. Christ, the timing. No sooner to I finish the final edit of my last post when I get this news alert sent to me on this story: Gov't fulfills few Katrina promises.
Nearly half of New Orleans was still under water when President Bush stood in the Crescent City’s historic Jackson Square and swore he would "do what it takes" to rebuild the communities and lives that had been laid to waste two weeks before by Hurricane Katrina. "Our goal is to get the work done quickly," the president said. A year after the storm, the federal government has proven slow and unreliable in keeping the president’s promises…
It's one year later, you would absolutely not believe what's really going on and what New Orleans still looks like, let alone the Gulf Coast in general. The bolded statement above is indicative of this administration's habit of masking its incompetence with (barely clever) hollow sentiment. It's astounding how completely lacking of ANY substance these people really are.
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