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Morning has broken... Well don't just stand there, get a broom and a dustpan!

Being that my headcold is finally subsiding, I am in a better mood today. Of course, nothing is going on that has neccessitated any better a state of mind than I've had over the past two weeks or so, but at the very least I am feeling better physically so for this I am grateful.

I'm thinking of suggesting a weekend getaway for my birthday - just the opportunity to be somewhere else where no one knows me for a little R&R is SUCH a great idea. TO get away, to be able to just rest and go for walks and breathe fresh air sounds so good to me. I'm trying to think of different places, and I'd really like to go to either Savannah or the mountains. Just to get away and think, reevaluate and spend some time with him. I have had no opportunities to actually SEE him since all of this started, and that in and of itself is weight to the strain.

What do you think? Hell, if nothing else, a couple of days spent somewhere closeby but private is a good idea at this point.

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