Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

This one is a true gem.


TREASON. There, I’ve said it. The word no Republican politician will dare use; the word no right-wing pundit will utter outright. When talking about those who dissent, who disagree with their ideas on everything from foreign policy to the color of the Oval Office, they will couch the epithet in terms of ‘lack of patriotism’, or ‘questionable patriotism’.

But other than the Ann Coulters, and the rest of the right-wing lunatics who spew their inane rhetoric to their fellow asylum companions, the real core of the Republican party dare not say the word: TREASON.

Well, I will. And I just did. T-R-E-A-S-O-N.

So enough beating around the Bush – and no, that’s not a humorous play on words. I lost my sense of humor on this topic a long time ago.

Let’s get down to it, Republicans, and take a good hard look at what constitutes treason and establish, once and for all, who those guilty of it truly are.

As an American citizen, I hereby hold the following truths to be more than self-evident:

IT IS TREASON to espouse the idea that victory in Iraq is vital to national security, while at the same time endorsing policies that make the soldiers fighting that war vulnerable to fatal wounding by refusing to fund life-saving equipment like vehicle and body armor, thereby diminishing any chance at so-called “victory” .

IT IS TREASON to undermine the US economy by running up unconscionable debt while lowering the tax revenues that could pay down that debt via tax breaks and subsidies to the wealthiest individuals and corporations.

IT IS TREASON to give aid and comfort to the country’s enemies by dividing the populace on every issue from abortion rights, to gay marriage, to flag-burning, and by wasting the nation’s time and resources in arguing such utter nonsense when matters truly vital to our survival as a democracy go ignored.

IT IS TREASON to outsource the jobs of the American citizenry to other countries, who will realize incredible economic advantage over our own nation as a result thereof.

IT IS TREASON to undercut the very foundations our country was built upon, i.e. the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, by allowing a president and his administration to circumvent the laws clearly set out therein.

IT IS TREASON to sell, lease, or otherwise hand over control of our ports to ANY non-US nation, entity, or organization, no less to those who have undisputed ties to people who have already attacked our country.

IT IS TREASON to underfund the programs that educate our children in that it gives incalculable advantage to those countries who will compete with our ours, now and in future, in a technological arena where a well-educated citizenry will have the upper hand.

IT IS TREASON to support foreign policies that generate mistrust and out-and-out hatred of the United States, thereby making it and its citizens a probable target of violent acts of terrorism.

IT IS TREASON, in a representational democracy, to allow the thwarting of the will of the People through the use of inaccurate and easily manipulated voting machines.

As if the aforementioned were not enough to make my case, I would point to the disturbing events of the past week. The behavior of the president made it abundantly clear, not only to United States citizens but to people around the world, that he is incompetent to fulfill his duties.

Whether this is as a result of mental incapacity, or was brought about by alcohol or drug-induced dementia, is not the point. It is now obvious to all that this man is unfit to carry out the responsibilities of his office. So now you must ask yourselves the ultimate question: IS IT TREASON against your own country NOT to take the steps necessary to remove him, before he does even more irreparable harm?

So the next time you GOPers, and your cheerleading pundits, think about questioning the patriotism of others, think again. If you are truly interested in hunting down the enemy within, you need go no further than the nearest mirror. The TRAITOR will be looking back at you. I strongly suggest that you do the patriotic thing, and contact the appropriate authorities.

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