Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Sometimes fucking with people is just too easy.

random loser: hey whats upp
JBenCub: just got out of bible study, figured I'd
see what was going on
random loser: kool
random loser: nice pic
JBenCub: thanks
random loser: r u hairy
JBenCub: indeed
JBenCub: hence the 'cub' in the screenname
random loser: kool
random loser: do u have yahoo mess'
random loser: sorry
random loser: wasn't thinking
JBenCub: nope ::cough cough satanslackey2000 cough::
random loser: ok
random loser: what all do u get into
JBenCub: i love to peek into old people's
windows when they're having sex - I yank
my cock with one hand and snap puppies
necks in the other... HAWT.
JBenCub: but seriously, I just like getting my
dick sucked
JBenCub: lol
random loser: kool
random loser: wish i was there
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