Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

My Man Galloway

I have nothing but respect for George Galloway. He's totally unafraid to call conservatives out on their bullshit. In case you don't remember who he is, he's the guy that bitchslapped the Senate when he was accused of corruption in the Oil for Food program last year. I blogged about that here. You can see video of that brilliant exchange here, he barely blinks and stares dead at whomever he's aiming his eloquent venom. And of course he was dead-on-balls accurate about every single word he said to boot.

I came across something on Truthdig, wherein he did pretty much the same bitchslapping of the interviewer in a Sky News interview. He also totally called out the fact that Sky News is owned by News Corp & Rupert Murdoch, of Fox News (unfair and unbalanced) fame. While there are many things he brings up that I'll call into question, his eloquent tenacity is awe inspiring. See the video of the exchange here. In all fairness, she brought this all on herself by going one way about him in the introduction, then throwing out an initial question from nowhere that was TOTAL horseshit. his response? "What a proposterous way to introduce a first item and what a proposterous first question! Brilliant!!
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