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Because I haven't really put this out there recently, I'm going to do it now.

Tomorrow marks the end of the week since Cole started 4th grade and Avery started Pre-K, and all in all it's not been that bad. He's reconnecting with friends he lost contact with over the sumer and learning what is going to be expected of him this year as well as adjusting to his new workload, which will be considerable. Avery likes school for the most part, but at least once a day this week her teachers tell me she's going on crying jags and tearfully sobbing that she wants to go home because she misses being there with me - but that's to be expected. I pick her up daily before driving over to Cole's school to get him and we talk about her day. She's getting really good about sucking it up and trying to hang in there, and I'm encouraging her as much as I can. For my part, I've survived a week without my babies being with me all day, and it's not been as bad as I thought it was going to be. I still have moments where I'm terribly lonely, but then I remember I have tons of stuff to take care of that I've neglected and now that I have time to do it without distraction, I'm planning my attack on getting stuff done.

D and I are doing fantastic. It's felt a lot like the funk we have been in for months is finally giving way to the way we normally are, where we're constantly laughing at each other and being our normal, upbeat, goofy selves. Intense conversations about ourselves and each other and where we're going have really brought us closer, and it feels like it is supposed to. I know that for my part the things I've felt very resentful and negative about where he/we are concerned have worked themselves out and really just don't matter to me anymore. I'm pretty sure he's feeling that as well. We've hit a really good groove and it's nice to feel like we used to. I guess all couples get into a funk once in a while, I'm just glad we came out of this one with new respect and love for one another and a felt understanding of how to better communicate.

In home news, the family is doing well in general - all except for Maggie & Nathan's respective sinus crap, which I think I have managed to avoid getting, Christi's computer crash, and Tony's recent ingestion of daily bitter bitch pills, Mom's exhausting journey of self discovery (which I'm proud of, BTW!), and Dad's difficult introspection, I think we're all doing pretty well.

I'm a really lucky man - completely surounded by love - and am totally humbled knowing it.
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