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How I Hate A Thief

David Walker is a thief. He is using as website that was created by Damien, Debbi, and myself and refuses to pay for it. Says he will pay what he feels is an acceptable amount, but that is an insult. That's like taking possession of a $20,000.00 car off a car lot, telling the manufacturer and dealer that you feel the car is really only worth $12,000.00 and then continuing to drive the car.

He knew how much we charged per hour and that it would take an estimated 5-10 hours, give or take. It took 12 hours total (13 really, but we billed for 12). He says we're lying, it didn't take that long. He says he doesn't know what our level of competence is, yet all requested work on the site was completed in its entirety. He says we didn't return his phone calls each time he wanted us to call him about site additions and changes, though all changes were made within a 24 hour period or the request being made of us. He says that we cut & pasted the site together, having no knowledge of how long using HTML code to make a webpage takes with the ColdFusion software we used to make the site. He says he should have used someone else to do the site, he talked to people who program and saw the site and said we were overcharging (BULLSHIT), that what we did was not some graphic intensive work that would merit the fee we have billed him for - yet he continues to keep running the site.

He changed the FTP server's password to lock us out so we cannot take the site down until or unless he pays for it, althewhile maintaining that we'rethe ones trying to rip him off and screw him out of money.

For those interested in seeing the work he received that he asked for, the site is here...
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