Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

A Poll, if you don't know who I'm talking about, then move on please...

I've recently had more cause to suspect that a certain autumnecho, with whom I share several mutual friends, is a big fuckin' drama queen/attention whore, and I want to prove a point with the following poll. Initial cause for this assessment came from a close personal friend of mine a while back, who was more than amused earlier this evening to find out that he'd been painted in such an untruthful and unflattering light. That's the funny thing about people though, you never know who really knows what about who sometimes. Anyway, much laughing ensued along with the emails I'm sure will be posted soon enough. Yeah, I won't really care then either - this is for the experimental purpose of making a point and I have no emotional investment or malice towards the kid in question.

If you have or have had this person on your friends list and/or you know him personally, please take the poll - if not, please refrain. All answers are screened, so please, be honest, and know that your anonymity will be protected. This is an experiment to prove/disprove some points hopefully, and it depends on fairness - so again, I stress that if you do not know or have this person friended, do not fill out this poll. You are entitled to your opinion, even if you strongly disagree, and either way it's totally cool. While this may be ridiculously fruitless to many, I am trying to make a point.

In the highly likely (to say nothing of predictable) event that you're reading this autumnecho, consider posting a link to this poll and let your friends list decide on their own. Either way, it makes no real difference to me - I'm just making a point to back up what my friends say is all, since I don't really know you then it shouldn't matter to you what I think. Also, commenting to this and/or emailing me with your bullshit will only serve to prove me correct - just so you know. I suspect you won't be able to help yourself when the shoe is on the other foot, and not that it matters (sticks and stones and all that rot) but I doubt you're clever enough to prove me wrong. One never knows, though.

Poll #786718 Prove Me Wrong!

Is Joe an attention whore or just a young guy figuring his way out and inadvertently turning folks off now and then like we all do?

TOTAL attention whore, and annoying as hell when you get down to it.
Probably, mostly he just cannot handle it when you disagree with him
I'm not sure, but I'll tell you this much - it's hard to make sense of that boy or take him seriously
People are awful hard on him sometimes, but the truth is he really asks for it.
I don't care because I don't take him seriously at all.
I friended him because I find him cute and amusing, not because he has any depth or substance.
His Sax skills would totally kill Kenny G just from playing the B-Flat scale, you're just jealous because nothing is as cool or important to the world as being the best sax player EVAR!
I liked him better before he decided that you were evil incarnate if you ate meat.
He's my BFF and you're completely wrong about him. You're just bitter because he totally burned you with insults in repeated emails, to which you would only reply "I like taters!". You are a mean man as a result of this and I hope you get pantycrickets.
Eh, I'm apathetic about him and have no opinion one way or the other.
None of these answers are the genesis of my real feelings, so I will choose this one and elaborate in a comment to this post.

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