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I wanted to reheat this issue and hopefully spark a debate within the comment threads about censorship in music, film, popular & unpopular speech, art, and various other forms of media. I want to be very clear on some things and establish a guideline or two. There is a significant difference between not liking or appreciating a certain medium and perhaps thinking it has no artistic merit or value based on your own standards for what is or is not appealing - and advocating for a government censor that A: does the thinking for all of us across the board and B: deciding based on that ideal alone that said censor can deny us access to anything it deems questionable or in poor taste.

You may not like hard rock music or gospel, you may think Andres Serrano's images are blashphemous and inappropriate, you may not think pornography or erotic imagery is a valid form of expression made to serve a purpose or validate a need. I will not argue that or attempt to change anyone's mind on the subject, I really could care less about anyone's personal interests or standards - moral or otherwise - on what is "good" or "bad".

I personally hate 95% of rap music. I find it trite and boring, it glorifies things I find inane and trivial, and perpetuates stereotypes I personally think are in poor taste. I also think the speech and/or what passes for grammar used in these songs promotes ignorance and stupidity. These are my personal feelings, I don't impose them on anyone who may think that Young Jeezy, Master P, TI or Eightball are genius and that they're the hip-hop/rap world's equivalent of Stevie Wonder, whom I hold in the highest regard. I don't believe that any steps should be made to prevent rappers from making & selling records and consequently raking in millions of dollars, and I don't think that anyone who enjoys that bullshit should NOT be able to buy it if they choose simply because I dislike it. I also hate Paris Hilton, Jessica & Ashlee Simpson, James Blunt, and scores of others - but if kudos to anyone that dig them, again - that's your business.

I think that the majority of reality television is complete horseshit. I refuse to watch The Simple Life or The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. More power to those who find it entertaining, that's your business and I'm not telling anyone that they have no right to enjoy it. I'm not going on a campaign to have the channels that carry them taken off the air. I also hate all TV Evangelists, to include (but not limited to) Benny Hinn, Rod Parsley, Robert Tilton, Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell. I'm sure millions of people are inspired by them and take no objection to their lavish lifestyles and blatant thievery, and so be it - I have the right to think whatever I want to think about them, but I have no interest in getting them off the air or trying to tell anyone who chooses to give them money that they cannot do that. We're adults, we all have choices.

Getting to unpopular speech, I support Fred Phelps constitutional right to say whatever he wants to say, he has the same birthright as an American citizen as I do. Of course I think he's a hatemonger, he's disgusting and he needs to have his ass kicked, but if he has no right to spew his venom then I have no right to spew mine - and neither do you or anyone else. Besides, the more people who know what he'sall about the bigger the consensus that he's nothing more than a complete attention whore who stands for nothing and deserves no recognition. Same thing with racist organizations like the KKK or the White Aryan Resistance. I'd rather they were afforded the opportunity to speak their hate as much as they like so that THINKING people can know who they are and realize that they're complete fucking idiots and that they also stand for nothing and deserve no recognition. Part of the problem is keeping this kind of shit in the closet. If you hate faggots, dykes, and niggers, fine - but have the balls to be the biggest, loudest homophobe/racist that you can and be all that your microcephalic little punkin' heads will allow you to be. declare your hatred of fags at a Cher concert, that's what I want you to do. Talk loudly about how much you hate those nasty bulldykes at a Melissa Etheridge concert. Talk about how them freeloadin' niggers are lazy and good for nothin' when you're at a 50 Cent concert, then I'll listen to you all day. Put your money where your mouth is or SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

I have the choice to not buy rap cd's. I have the choice to not watch Janice Dickinson, that trainwreck or a talentless, UGLY fucking bitch make an asshole of herself by doing nothing more than wasting oxygen. I find the idea of her show entertaining in no way, unless she somehow manages to impale herself on a rusty spike and then I'll delight in laughing my monkey ass off at her - that's about all that's going to make me even remotely interested in her show. The whole model/fashion thing is completely ridiculous to me anyway, I think it's shallow and vapid and espouses many of the things I find deplorably overrated and insignificant. MY opinion, I'm entitled to it.

So - what are your thoughts on censorship? Be as detailed in your comments as you want to be.
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