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Oh, Michelle - You Insipid Fleshbag...

I really hate Michelle Malkin. Not because of the obvious reasons, (Republican, Nazi sympathizer, praises interment camps forWWII Japanese Americans, fucking racist, general cuntliness) or rather not JUST because of them - but because of shit like this. Again, here's another shrill Republican going on and on about how Muslims are inherently violent, blah blah blah. I don't have just a simple problem with the issue of such sweeping generalizations or grand indictments of an entire group, it's the fact that she (like her contemporaries) are so quick to jump on the bandwagons espousing blatant racism (and the more insidious closet racism) and anti-Muslim sentiment. It's all pro-war rhetoric when you get down to it and the neocons are all madly in love with Dubya all over again, inching us toward WWIII by the second. None of that is even my biggest bitch right now. Wanna know what is?

The 'murderous Muslim' that shot up the Jewish Center in Seattle, killing 1 and wounding 6 others was NOT a Muslim extremist as Malkin and others are claiming - he's a fundamentalist Christian. Not that it really matters for their purpose, all that matters is that he's brown.
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