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Just when you think we're not quite fucked enough, Chimpy sends in Condi...

Sunday morning apocalyptic blogging, because we're all gonna die someday - and if Dubya has his way, it'll be sooner than we all think. The only good news is at least the debt left behind for the US to pay for Iraq won't be put on our kids and grandkids anymore, what with all of us DEAD! Well, that and those desperate to be raptured might finally get raptured. Forgive me, I'm beyond mad right now and I've had little to no sleep on the top of it.

Digby over at the Hullabaloo blog wrote something that pretty much paraphrases and/or echoes what I'm thinking about Condi's first real run in terms of attempting to diffuse the Israel/Lebanon conflict.
The Bush administration are monsters. That is not hyperbole. There can be no other explanation as to why the secretary of state, the person in charge of American diplomacy, would be so crude and stupid.
It relies heavily on Maureen Dowd's recent column on the same subject. It's sort of a mixed bag, really. The one thing that was never made an issue was the fact that she has way to much disadvantage against her. To begin with, she's a woman - going to try and persuade people who think a woman's place is behind a burka, completely subjugated. Women in positions of power trying to convince them of ANYTHING doesn't fly, in fact it is considered sacrilege. Second, she's an American - do I really need to explain the position Americans have in the minds of Islamic militants? Third, she's a member of Bush's administration. Considering how they've fared SO WELL in recent years within the Arab nations and managed to retain a good relationship with them (especially the sovereign ones), naturally they're not going to be repellant to anything she'd have to say!

Maybe it's just me, I don't even know anymore, but this looks pretty obvious from where I sit. Sitting here, sipping my coffee, peering down into the giant bowl of WHAT THE FUCK? in front of me. I digress, let us to keep moving on.

We're going to send in Condoleezza Rice. Oh, but the shitstorm that brings! Wait, wait, wait, I forgot to mention something very key to the failure of her presence there, in fact her entire job, in going on this mission to encourage peace - she won't be talking to Hezbollah. Or Syria. Or Iran.



Pardon me, but HOW THE BLEEDING FUCK does one get in the middle of an existing conflict and suggest peace on both sides when one refuses to address one of the players in this game as well as the two countries aiding and abetting them by supplying munitions of weaponry and encouragement? This administration has fucked itself SO BAD that the best they have to send is Condi and a stash of weapons for the Israeli army, and this passes for diplomacy? Did I not mention the weapons we're sending?
The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel, which requested the expedited shipment last week after beginning its air campaign against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, American officials said Friday.

The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with relatively little debate within the Bush administration, the officials said. Its disclosure threatens to anger Arab governments and others because of the appearance that the United States is actively aiding the Israeli bombing campaign in a way that could be compared to Iran’s efforts to arm and resupply Hezbollah.
Um, durr? Why wouldn't it? The only thing that Radical Islam hates more than Israel is American strongarming and belligerence, OF COURSE it's going to create more anger!

This is all bullshit, our twice elected decider-in-chief is pushing for the WWIII that the neocons are chomping at the bit for. My offering of evidence? I'll give you two:
"God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them."

Again, it comes down to politics and not humanitarianism. Was there ever any real doubt?
From Digby:

Update: Here's another "clarifying moment" for everyone:

President Bush Saturday again blamed Hezbollah for the crisis but said responsibility must also be shared by Syria and Iran, which support and provide weapons to the militant Shiite Muslim political and military organization. "Their actions threaten the entire Middle East and stand in the way of resolving the current crisis and bringing lasting peace to this troubled region," he said in his weekly radio address from his ranch in Crawford, Tex.


Bush said again that the United States is pressuring Israel to use care "to protect innocent lives and is concerned that the warfare is putting Lebanon's democratic government in peril.
And the best way to do that is to trip over yourself on the world stage to arm the sworn enemies of the people you're trying to appease.

This is only a beginning, folks. This absolutely terrifies me, I have family and friends in Iraq. You thought the situation in Iraq was bad before this, with approximately 100 people a day dying and an unconfirmed civil war raging? What about the current situation in Afghanistan? What about N. Korea?

I'm about to have a fucking seizure. Call it hysterical exageration on my part, call me an alarmist, I'll say I'm wrong when times proves it. I'll even link back to this post when I do.
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