Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Reason # 7,034,295 why I love Andy:

Quoting bigfundrew:

Last night, I am sitting down to dinner. The kids are picnicing on the living room floor and the phone rings:

Me: Hullo.

Ms Kim (friend): If I've slept with a man a couple times, and I'm worried cuz I don't know his last name - am I triflin?

Me: (quietly) Honey, you're asking a gay man. I have tricks I couldn't pick out in a line up of two men, let alone remember any part of their name.

Ms Kim: OK! Great! Thanks, bye!

Drew ( 10 year old son): Who was that, Dad?

Me: Miss Kim.

Drew: What did she want?

Me: She can't remember her boyfriend's last name.

Drew: Ouch.

Me: Right?


This man is HILARIOUS, he always makes me laugh my monkey ass off. His sense of humor is one of his more crushworthy traits, and there are many. I'm so glad he's my friend!
Tags: friends

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