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Gannon firing away at 'bias'
Conservative scribe Jeff Gannon — who lost his White House press perch over that awkward thing about being a gay escort — comes to New York this week to tell us about "the issue of liberal bias in mainstream media."

Which is kinda funny, given that he's the poster boy for right-wing media bias.

"That whole concept is ridiculous," Gannon told us. "I'm a conservative, [and] this administration has disappointed conservatives on spending, judicial nominees, immigration, and many of my questions would call them to account for those things."

Okay, then. And what about those online gay-escort ads?

"Frankly, so much of that stuff was overblown* and absolutely false," he said on the phone from Washington. "All of these were talked about on the Internet, and I don't think the Internet quite has the credibility to be taken just at face value." But you're a blogger. "I'm not saying that all of the Internet should be dismissed completely."

Are you dating now, commercially or otherwise?

"Even though I am a public person now, I'm invoking the Anderson Cooper rule about my personal life," he replied.

No doubt Anderson will be thrilled he's a "rule."

Gannon is slated to address the Log Cabin Republicans Thursday at the 3 West Club.


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