Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

New Ani Interview w/ MP3 Download

There's a new interview with Ani Difranco up on Alternet, as well as a download link to "Millenium Theater", a song on the new album "Reprieve". It comes out officially on August 8th, but I already have it - it's another step in her evolution as a songwriter/musicmaker, and like almost everything she does, it's fucking brilliant.

Also, there's a guy on Ani's label (Righteous Babe Records) named Ed Hamell, billing his music as Hamell on Trial. A song off the album "Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs" is called "Coulter's Snatch". It has everything from Dubya jacking off to the bible to questions about Condi Rice & Rush The Vulgar Pigboy's sexualities, as well as aspersions to the heinous biological accident that is Ann Coulter's cooze, as the song title suggests. Download that here. (right-click to save link)

Oh yeah, more Ani. Check out Ani on Def Poetry Jam.
Tags: ani difranco
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