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Will I ever NOT feel like crap?

These allergy thingamajigees need to kiss my ass, I'm not kidding. I am just about half past giving a shit about sneezing EVER again for the remainder of my days. Oh, and BREATHING THROUGH MY FUCKING NOSE AGAIN would be nice...

Still feel pretty much the same inside, except that I feel less tense talking to him on the telephone. Which is a good thing. We talked for a bit last night while both of us were working late, and afterwards I went to the Loft to see Angie Aparo. By the time I got there the show was over, but I did get to talk to him for a bit and helped him load all of his gear into his car. It's just as well, I was told the crowd was big but that they sucked in terms of giving him energy and respect.

At any rate, I did get to hang out with him and talk for a while, and helping him pack up was the nice thing to do. Funny, Ritchie and I were the only ones who even offered. Oh well, that's why others take the initiative instead of waiting on someone else to do something first. Angie signed a poster for Cole, and this morning Cole saw it and he was all smiles. On the way home from school we listened to Angie - but then, that's all he will ever allow me to listen to in the car anyway. "Hush", "Spaceship", "Cwy A Widdul", and "De Amewican". Man do I love this kid!

I did have the best show of my radio career last night I think. Aside from sounding like Chucky from The Rugrats...

Maybe something nice will happen tonight that will just be the thing to perk me up before the weekend starts.

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