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There is nothing particularly extraordinary about me. I began grey and am only black and white now. I like imperfections. I hate stupid people. I make excessive use of the work "fuck". Anything else you need to know about me (and several things you could probably do without) is in my journal.
Strengths: My ability to admit weakness, be empathetic, to take a stand and pick a battle, and to see through people's bullshit and rub their noses in it, Oh, and a stunning employment of logic.
Weaknesses: Being born the weaker sex, anything flavored with real raspberry, vanilla, or hazelnut, pug dogs, Lilo & Stitch, refusal to back down,
Special Skills: I can cook fairly well, I can repair most anything around the house, and work on my own car. I can catch a fly ball, and I can cross one eye while the other looks straight ahead. GO ME!!
Weapons: Sarcasm, intellect, logic, trusty aerosol can of "Bitch-B-Gone™", and I'm as tenacious as a one-eared pit bull is lazy. Yeah.
Blanket Statement: : "I like taters."

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Going back to the abortion thing, the reason why I put the brunt of the responsibility on women is because you cannot expect that the males in question would bother to stick around in a significant number of these cases, there are just entirely too many "guys" and not enough "men".

It bothers me immensely that there are vast amounts of women who think that a guy is going to be of any support to them in the event they become pregnant unexpectedly.

Come on, ladies - you're the dominant sex! You simply cannot afford to be this naive!

Ideally a male would step up to the plate, so to speak. Then again, in a perfect world youtr average "guy" or "player" or my personal favorite, the lesser known but equally lecherous "Life support system for a penis" would be beaten mercilessly (and often) for crimes against humanity ~ for their ridiculous image alone, if nothing else.

In other news (sure to make isis691 a happy girl), I'm going to compose a new "Fuck You" rant. To see the first one, and some of my other essays and such, click here...

Lastly, Paige just called me here at work to ask me when Jennifer was coming back to Columbus to play. I was shocked beyond belief and even a bit saddened that she called me. I still love her but she's done too many wrongs as far as I'm concerned. I'm not going to continue a friendship with her as I'm not in the habit of allowing people my friends to consistently dissapoint me and/or put their children in harm's way by setting horrifying examples.
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