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It's Tuesday - Lotto day - ::crosses fingers, toes, and eyes::

In response to the topic of abortion, Pro-Life ~Vs~ Pro-Choice and all that jazz, before I am Pro-Choice (and I am), I'm Pro-Sexual Responsibility.

If you're a male (meaning you have a penis, a questionable conscience, and are by default the weaker sex), just remember this: YOU DON'T HAVE A UTERUS, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP. Being a gay male, I'm already doing my part for population control. I'm not impregnating anyone, so those rules don't apply to me.

People who act irresponsibly with sex need to be beaten severely with blunt objects about the head and face. Barring base level common sense, there are too many options for not ever being in the situation in the first place as long as one takes the basic elementary precautions.

And while I'm on the subject, it is worth mentioning that I reject that lame, weak assed "Women have to bear the burden of responsibility with pregnancy AND with abortion, and this is unfair" bullshit argument that people try and pass off as if it were legitimate. Face it, girls - if you're gonna open your legs, you're making the choice to accept that ANY number of things can and will happen. Excluding cases of rape, ya KINDA have to be responsible for your own body and what does or does not get put into it.

My sisters: If you're on the pill, better use contraceptive foam, a diaphragm, take a morning after pill, and STILL always make him wear a Jimmy Hat. If he won't wear one and you still have sex with him, anything that happens from that moment on is YOUR fault and yours alone... So don't bitch to me about your unfair burden, because you're asking for that verbal Ricky Fitz™ style bitch slap I'm saving just for you...
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