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Mo' Fun Than A Barrell Of Juggling Monkeys, It's Monday Morning!

Everyone say hello and welcome to Damien's sister, ladyandrea! WOOHOO!!

This was a most productive weekend - except for the part where I decided "Hmmm... Beer... Taco Bell... Shots... THIS is a good idea!" ~ but we're not going there.

We (Mom, Damien, & I on Saturday morning and then again last night with Dave and Cheryl) rode the Riverwalk on our bikes from the Civic Center to the south gate of Fort Benning at Oxbow Meadows. It's a great ride and one of the better ways to spend time here in Columbus Georgia: Proud Sponsor Of The Bug Zapper™... I'm telling you man, we've got some big ass, mutant, junkie insects around here! I'm looking forward to this Saturday and InMotionX. Also to taking a break at the Environmental Center at Oxbow Meadows, because that's just such a neat place. I'm especially proud of Mom, who it seems is becoming addicted to biking and pushing herself to and sometimes past her limits!

Damien and I went to Atlanta yesterday morning on a whim because I mentioned that I wanted to go to the International Farmer's Market in Decatur a while back, so off we went. I love that place... It's huge and there is a great selection of things - to say nothing of the fact that you're standing in the presence of SO many different cultures! Everytime you turn around there is a different race, religion, and language, it's like you're the little red swatch in a giant patchwork quilt or something.

I love the selection of things they offer, even though the main things I wanted they didn't have. How very typical - but I digress. I counted 12 different varieties of grapes alone, and that's hardly a drop in the bucket compared to everything they have in general. I went looking for lavendar honey, but to no avail - maybe next time... The cheese section was great, but they had no fresh mozzarella di bufalo and I really wished they did because Maggie bought some beautiful tomatoes yesterday and they would have been perfect for a tomato and mozzarella salad with balsamic vinaigrette. I miss making that! Nathan & Maggie wanted us to bring back cheeses, so we brought her a big wedge of double cream brie and him a wheel of Vermont white cheddar, and a salami rope of provolone just because that is their collective favorite. We got some French Roast coffee made from Colombian beans... MMMM... There's something about Colombian beans that hold a dark roast so much better than other varieties of Arabica, they're almost like cocoa they're so intense. There's this wonderfully smoky aftertaste as well - I've had my allotted two cups already this morning and they were wonderful. I found the Ethiopian Yergacheffe in French Roast also, will have to try that one next time. I walked around with that coffee for almost 10 minutes before deciding to go with the tried and true. They had Jamaica Blue Mountain for $30.00 a pound, but it smelled very acrid and stale and I'd just as soon dive off the Empire State building headfirst into a fucking thumbtack as pay that for a pound of coffee anyway, so no love lost there.

Lately I've been having this thing about eating meat, and it's really starting to bother me. I was a vegetarian for about 6 years for very specific reasons, the least of which was me rationalizing that if I didn't have the balls to kill the animal myself that I was going to eat then I had no business eating it or wearing its skin. It's in part a moral conflict and in part a health thing. At any rate, I'm going to reduce my consumption of meat anyway until or unless I resolve this thing.

So. Yesterday, right? Before going to Atlanta, Damien & I had lunch at BK. We had to go back to the house for me to change clothes as I'd spilled the contents of my Whopper™ onto my t-shirt and the leg of my shorts... THIS is the kind of Monday morning I'm having here - I just looked down and I'm wearing those same ketchup stained shorts. I could try and find the humor in this as I would do normally, but instead I think to myself "Oh fucking hell... I get out of bed everyday for shit like this?"

W h o a... Sheri just said "Asshole" on the Bob & Sheri Show! JesusI love this woman!!

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