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Here it goes...

Board says drugstores can refuse to sell 'morning-after' pill

Okay, let me count the ways in which this is complete BULLSHIT. Better yet, check out riverheart's post, she echoes my feelings:

Think you're safe from this sort of thing because you live in a liberal area, a so-called "blue state"? Think again. This is Washington, often considered a liberal area because the Seattle area often carries the vote. It's not that liberal, in truth, since there are a lot of "red zones" east of the Cascades, north of Snohomish County, and south of Tacoma. So if you think your prescriptions are safe based on where you live, you might have to reconsider.

The proposal gives pharmacists the right to decline prescriptions that are in conflict with their beliefs.
Suppose the next thing to be "in conflict with their beliefs" is not my neighbor's Plan B, but my diabetes or blood pressure medications? "Oh, Jesus and prayer are all you really need, and if you were a good person, you wouldn't have these conditions." That's permissible under this ruling. So is denying an AIDS patient's lifesaving medications. Somehow that's never in question, but it's OK to question a woman's need for birth control. And it's not just emergency birth control that's affected, but all birth control, an issue that's arisen in other states. Pharmacists have been denying women all sorts of birth control pills and prescriptions.

Somehow, this is seen as OK, because it affects women and not men. But I'm a woman, and if I were to become pregnant, it would endanger my life. No joke! That high blood pressure which cannot be controlled with medications safe to use in pregnancy is the reason I dare not become pregnant, no matter how much Charles and I want kids. I've said this before. It's adoption or nothing, not because I cannot become pregnant, but because I dare not.

This ruling could endanger my life just as much as a pharmacist's decision to deny me my blood pressure medication.

It can happen here.

It just did happen here.
Enough is too much.
Tags: birth control, feminism, fucktards, politics
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