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Gas prices are exponentially higher every time you turn around. The war in Iraq goes on to the tune of untold amounts of money, lives of Americans and Iraqis, (to say nothing of why the world at large now hates us) and all with no end in sight. We're fighting insurgents, NOT 'terrists'. Meanwhile, the Taliban in Afghanistan has never been better! Hurricane season is around the corner and we're going to be fucked again as FEMA is one giant, nut-filled piece of shit. Did I mention New Orleans is still a complete trainwreck? Knock knock! Who's there? Osama! YOU MEAN HE'S STILL OUT THERE SOMEWHERE??? Are you fucking kidding me? The motherfucker's dragging around a godamned dialysis machine and we STILL haven't caught him? No, wait - Chimpy says catching Bin Laden is not important anymore. Immigration - don't EVEN get me started. NSA Wiretapping and congressional scandals left, right and center. $225 billion trade deficit, and it keeps swelling. Did someone say Global Warming? The Plame case. I could go on for days about real issues that are affecting us all, real problems that beg to be addressed and hit with real solutions - but the thing is, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has made it clear already - gay marriage and flag burning are highest priorities. Marriage is not the cornerstone of our society, fucknut - the Constitution is. Writing discrimination into it will serve to accomplish nothing for the benefit of society, nothing at all. I give a shit about the flag when what's really on fire is my equality. Let's push legislation that makes it a federal crime for Republicans to wipe their shitty asses with the Constitution, how about that?

I suggest making flags out of flame retardant material, enforcing a real penalty against adultery, and outlawing divorce - then problem solved and everybody wins. Of course, if you've been divorced already then you don't get a say on 'protecting traditional marriage', you couldn't manage to get it right on your own watch so you can just fuck right off, hypocritical bastards.

They're firing up the religious conservatives and the microcephalic windbags that make up their base, they're all plenty hungry and there's plenty of them to appease. Midterms are coming up sooner than you think, folks. One more thing. I'm getting dangerously close to inflicting physical harm on anyone who from now on uses the phrase "We're fighting this war for our freedom", because that's a stadium full of bullshit. Nothing could be further from the truth and I'm through being lied to. I say Revolution.

“If there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that the government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable.”
— U.S. Supreme Court, Texas v. Johnson, 1989.
Tags: Die Motherfucker!™, christian fascism, christian hysteria, christian persecution, fucktards, fundies, gas prices, marriage, politics

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