Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


Howie "I'm a Bush whore" Kurtz' Obsession with the Clintons

"Of course the Clintons' marriage is news. If she hadn't been married to Bill, would she now be a United States senator, let alone the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination? Will at least some Americans worry about the role that Bill would play in a second Clinton presidency? exactly do journalists conclude the subject is out of bounds?"
-- Howie Kurtz, one of the worst in a city full of whores

Bartcop's dead-on rebuttal:
I don't know why simpleton whores ask one-sided questions like that underlined question.

Would Pickles be a fund-raiser for the fascists if she wasn't married to that monster?
Would Der Monkey have stolen power if his daddy wasn't president?
Would Jeb be governor of Florida if his daddy wasn't president?
Would Kneel be selling the government overpriced software if his brother wasn't president?
Would Jeb's kids be allowed to do legal cocaine if Daddy wasn't governor?
Would Halliburton get no-bid contracts if their boss wasn't running the world?
Would the Carlyle Group be selling the army tanks if Poppy wasn't the on the board?
Would Jeff Gannon get a White House press pass under a fake name if Bush wasn't president?

Amen, brother!

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