Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

This Just Made My Day, Seriously!

Poll: Clinton outperformed Bush
In a new poll comparing President Bush's job performance with that of his predecessor, a strong majority of respondents said President Clinton outperformed Bush on a host of issues.

The poll of 1,021 adult Americans was conducted May 5-7 by Opinion Research Corp. for CNN. It had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Respondents favored Clinton by greater than 2-to-1 margins when asked who did a better job at handling the economy (63 percent Clinton, 26 percent Bush) and solving the problems of ordinary Americans (62 percent Clinton, 25 percent Bush).

On foreign affairs, the margin was 56 percent to 32 percent in Clinton's favor; on taxes, it was 51 percent to 35 percent for Clinton; and on handling natural disasters, it was 51 percent to 30 percent, also favoring Clinton.

Moreover, 59 percent said Bush has done more to divide the country, while only 27 percent said Clinton had.

When asked which man was more honest as president, poll respondents were more evenly divided, with the numbers -- 46 percent Clinton to 41 percent Bush -- falling within the poll's margin of error. The same was true for a question on handling national security: 46 percent said Clinton performed better; 42 percent picked Bush.

Clinton was impeached in 1998 over testimony he gave in a deposition about an extramarital sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinksy. He was later aquitted by the Senate.

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He also has the biggest dick of any president in history, and I for one would still shag him senseless - flaws and all.

In other news, fuck Bill "who has a Band-Aid for this gaping wound" Frist again, but thanks to Chuck Hagel for setting the rubber stamp on fire. Obama makes me fall a little bit more in love with him for this gem. Oh yeah, and fuck John McCain again, too - right in his hypocritical ear. So much for "straight talk." Next he'll convert to Judaism and try to get Tom Metzger paroled under the guise of "he's just misunderstood". Fucker.
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