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Reasons # 128,264,755,860,264,465 & 128,264,755,860,264,466 Why There Is No God... 
20th-Aug-2002 07:22 am
An Islamic court in northern Nigeria ruled on Monday that a young woman must face death by stoning according to Muslim law for having a child outside marriage...

Should Openly Gay Volunteers be Accepted as Mentors for Big Brothers Big Sisters?

In Happier News:

I'm doing the InMotionX bike ride on August 31st, which falls on a Saturday. For those of you interested in going, you can register at the website... You need to do this, it's not like we couldn't all use the exercise! Borrow a bike if you have to!
20th-Aug-2002 05:15 am (UTC) - totally off subject and/or random, but..
would you or Damien be kind enough to make me a tutorial on making journal quizzes?? i've had MANY ideas for them, but i never could find out how to make them..PLEASE?!@ you can email it to me at photol@charter.net..thanks :)
21st-Aug-2002 03:47 am (UTC) - Re: totally off subject and/or random, but..
Dude, when you have the free time to come over to my house I can show you but if I show you by way of tutorial you'll NEVER learn how. Also, do you have webspace to host a quiz?
20th-Aug-2002 05:54 am (UTC) - Hey
You want to get together and bake some cookies? I'd really like to sometime soon. Give me a call if you're interested.
20th-Aug-2002 05:58 am (UTC) - Oh hell no...
Someone really needs to smack the unholy shit out of the stupid motherfucker in that 2nd link. I was reading it & just started shaking I was so pissed. DUMBASS motherfucker.

And that first one - what the fuck? Are you SERIOUS?? Stupid fuckers. Yeah, like Allah really wants them to stone to death any & every woman who has a child outside of marraige. Or for that matter just has sex out of wedlock. That's so very fucked up.
20th-Aug-2002 07:01 am (UTC) - Oh shit
The Poker Ride?? I don't know if I could do it. It's 21 miles!!! That's just crazy. I mean, I'm doing good to get up that bridge into PC!!! I'd feel like such an idiot. It would be fun though. Hard as hell, and I probably wouldn't be able to drive afterwards, but fun. Maybe David will want to go & I'll go with him. He's been riding his bike to class at CSU this week. Oh dawg I can feel my thighs NOW....
20th-Aug-2002 09:37 am (UTC)
ok, this little story's probably going to piss you off, but for some reason, i feel inclined to add it to your growing list of the injustices of the world that are directed at the gay community. one of my mom's best friends, alan, is gay. he was a teacher with mom over at baker, but after he married paul (that was the ugliest wedding i've ever seen, but i'm not even going into that or i'll rant all day!), he moved to florida to teach there. somehow, everyone in florida found out about his sexual preference, and the parent of some kid in one of his classes complained about alan's wedding band (it's a rainbow with a little bear on it) because according to the parent, alan's lifestyle would rub off on the kids, and all his students would become homosexual (and so it goes from being a sexual preference to a virus...oh how interesting the world is...) so in the end, alan wound up getting in trouble with his principal because he refused to remove his wedding band during classes. oh, and the parent's reason for freaking out was basically that their child already exhibited signs of being homosexual, so of course they had to blame that on alan. riiiiight. ok, now that i've given my example of the day of humanity's stupidity, i'm going to class in the hopes that i shall gain enough knowledge to combat the evil ways of the world... ::superhero pose ensues:: ::corny music:: ::flies out window, stage left::
20th-Aug-2002 10:23 am (UTC) - I like taters.
I just felt like commenting 'cuz everyone else seems to have something to say today.

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