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My Head Is Gonna Explode, I Swear To Dog...


I read our local rag this morning and discovered that there is planned a Million Stupid People March this weekend, and also I found an "Official Statement from the The Honorable Silis Muhammad of The Lost-Found Nation of Islam in which it is stated "...our youth today are a time bomb ready to explode. This we can witness in the rebellion of our youth in contemporary Rap music, hair styles, dress, and general attitudes concerning life and responsibility ...we have not been in possession of (our) human rights for the past 433 years." Also stated here is the assertion "We know, since our being brought here to America on April 1, 1555, that we have experienced the worst human treatment of any people in the history of the planet Earth..."

First of all, let me make it very clear that I believe racism is evil on any and every level. HOWEVER... Flagrant stupidity disguised as racism is almost worse! These 35+ million plaintiffs are seeking billions of $$$ in slave reparations in the name of pain and suffering as a result of the torture inflicted on and labor from their ancestors. FUCK OFF!! You know what, I'm going to sue the Catholics, Christians, Muslims, and all other religions; the fucking Gideons, and every church in the world for their treatment and/or judgement of gay people and atheists (Gaytheists™, if you will) - BECAUSE MY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN OPPRESSED!! ::shakes head::

Tell you what - if any and all monies accrued from slave reparations lawsuits were put into college education funding for impoverished children I'd have less problem with this whole thing. The fact remains that these people are trying to profit from the suffering of others and THAT IS WRONG!!

I'm also sick and fucking tired of these Muslim fundies that try and liken slavery to the holocaust. Slaves were not murdered like cattle in a slaughterhouse, man. Slavery was a different kind of evil, but to profit from it I have significant problems with. Europeans of Jewish ancestry files lawsuits against European banks a few years ago because the banks were claiming the assets of their families that were set up as trusts expressly FOR these families - THEY were owed that money because the SS actually took MORE than these peoples' lives! THEY tried to profit from the death of the Jews, and that was equally (if not more) wrong! You're calling this an injustice and clearly it was - but then going and saying that you are owed money for people you knew NOTHING of FROM people you know nothing of that all have been dead for how many years???

Goddamnit, THIS is why I hate stupid people. Everyone's lawsuit happy for shit they HAVE NOT EARNED. Yeah, I want millions of $$$ too, but I'll be damned if I'm going to execute my integrity and credibility in order to get it! Unless I win the lottery, unless I earn that money, unless I inherited it - it ain't mine for the taking. But that's just me.

Someone I know was bitching to me once about a homeless guy with a "Will Work For Food" sign. I told them that unless they wanted me to bitch slap them in their fucking face that they had better not EVER rip off some stupid bullshit like that to me again. Think what you will of the homeless, I work for my food JUST like that guy was trying to do. No one in this country (or the world for that matter) should go hungry. I cannot tolerate that. My heart bleeds for starving children in Africa and the middle east, but I cannot give my energy to them when there are people within 5 miles of where I live who are going to sleep hungry every night, and children who live in dire poverty and squalor.
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