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Found this one reading the RSS feeds of Yahoo News, then on Kos, and then I went to the site to see for myself.

OH. MY. GOD. This is genius!

If you are a fan of Monopoly, and especially if you're a dissenting liberal, you'll love this. Conservatives have no real sense of humor, there's no appreciating this for them.

First, a brief description:
In a nod to President Bush's prewar comments, the "Go" space in is renamed "Bring It On!" Players roll the dice to determine how many civil liberties they start out with, accumulating them from a variety of categories: U.S. citizens get 5; non-citizens 1. Whites and Asians get 5; Arabs 1. Ultra right-wingers get 6; Democrats 3 or 4.
Check out the board! (Image 1 | 2) Best of all, it's a free download!
Patriot Act: Game Board [.pdf]

Patriot Act Rules [.pdf]

Security Profiles [.pdf]

Civil Liberties (updated for 2006) [.pdf]

Homeland Security Deck (updated for 2006) [.pdf]

Free Speech Deck (updated for 2006) [.pdf]

Security Cards [.pdf]
Let the fun begin!!

Tags: games, humor

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