Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Don't Give Up.

For all of those on my friends list who need a little encouragement,
for anyone who is struggling or suffering,
for anyone that needs a kick in the ass but cannot bear to tell anyone why,
for anyone discouraged to the point of giving up,
this is my mantra.

Commit it to memory, write it down until it's second nature, print it and put copies of it in every room of your home. When the pressure is too much, chant it over and over, even if it feels ridiculous, chant it until you believe it and reclaim every bit of power you ever gave up and every bit of energy you threw away.
There is never a right time.
Thereis never a perfect time.
There is ALWAYS a better time.
Just don't give up, and don't ever stop. If you just keep going, even if you don't know the direction you need to go in, eventually you'll find where you need to be.

There are people who read this blog regularly that are suffering and facing insurmountable odds, and they need all of the good energy you can send them, so please - take a moment to breathe deeply with eyes closed, focus energy on people who desperately need it, and will it their way. It's as close to prayer as I get, and it works because I choose to believe it does.

No stopping, no giving up. Five minute breaks now and then, but no more than that.
Tags: encouragement

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