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Okay, you know what? Just NO....

Having been in this building for 18 of the past 36 hours, I have come to a conclusion. Mariah Carey's endless string of cliches stitched together while she "sings"; Enrique Iglesias' over emoted whispering and yelping whilst singing what otherwise would be a great song; Jewel doing whatever the hell Jewel does with her music; Backstreet Boys essentially being a hybrid of my beef with both Jewel and Mariah; the fact that Smashmouth are ALLOWED to even fucking MAKE records that people somewhere think are brilliant; Nelly Furtado refusing to clear her goddamned throat before going into the chorus of a song; O-Town.... the novelty is SO over, get with the program and start a drug habit so you can be "Behind The Music" fodder in 10 years time - thus having made SOME valid contribution to the industry; Stereophonics - DO NOT tell me what kind of day to have, fucker - you WILL lose an eye; and last but not least, Britney...

I am SO SURE I have the strength for THAT wench after the above rant...


What I'm saying, essentially, is that being in this radio station and having crap music pumped into my cranium for however many hours I mentioned earlier, is what I suspect has accounted for my mood. Having said this, I feel considerably better. Now to get through this shift until noon when I can leave and go rest.
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