Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
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Action Alert

We're sending you this important messagebecause legislation banning GLBT people and same-sex couplesfrom adopting is not going away. Click here to stop the attacks on GLBTfamilies.
A new target: GLBT families
Click here to help stop the attacks

Just a few weeks ago, USAToday reported that efforts are underway in more than adozen states to limit the ability of gay, lesbian, bisexual andtransgender individuals and same-sex couples to adopt.

Last month, the so-called "Marriage ProtectionAmendment" - an amendment that would write discriminationagainst same-sex couples into our U.S. Constitution - wasscheduled for a June vote.

There is no doubt: Theright-wing extremists are back to their dirty political tricksin a critical election year and the rights and lives of GLBTfamilies are at stake. Click here to help the Human Rights Campaignstop them.

Personally, I'm sickenedby these efforts to mobilize the extreme conservative vote.It's bad enough that they attack GLBT relationships andprotections for those relationships, but it is truly appallingwhen they start to go after children in need of lovinghomes.

Stop the attacks on GLBT families. Click here

The good news is that, so far, we've stopped the attacks onfamilies from gaining political steam. Even before theextremists had publicly emerged, we conducted polling to gaugehow people felt about denying children in need homes with GLBTpeople. We learned that the public has little appetite for suchdraconian measures against our families. Certainly these pollingresults have discouraged extremist efforts to move the adoptionissue forward in the massive way they planned. We will continueto do additional polling in key states.

However,ultra-conservative extremists are moving forward with theirdevastating plans. And you and I must stop them.

Your support today willmean the difference between winning and losing more of thesebattles in the states and nationally.

The Human RightsCampaign state legislative and foundation teams have beenmonitoring the renewed attacks on our relationships and on ourfamilies for months. We've been working non-stop with our stateand national coalition partners to fight back. This work isexpensive, it's time consuming, and it must be done.

With your support we can shut down continued attacks onour families and needy children in the states and beyond. Withyour help, we can fund the fight to protect families. And,with you by our side, we can win. Click here to make your gifttoday.

I hope I can count on yoursupport to help us protect GLBT families, and thank you for yourcontinued commitment to the Human Rights Campaign.



P.S. In the months ahead,the Human Rights Campaign will be fighting for protection andrecognition of GLBT relationships in the states, working to stopthe federal Marriage Protection Amendment, and launching a newbattle to stop the extremists from going after our families andour children. There is so much to do and so much ground tocover, but I am confident that with you and all our supportersbehind us, we can beat back the attacks on our relationships andfamilies. Click here.

Having trouble clicking on the linksabove? Simply copy and paste this URL in your browser'saddress bar to help protect GLBT families today:

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