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Last year, arie, bubba, the LJer formerly known as six10steve, thedigitalghost, and myself all went to Whitewater and had some of the most fun we're had collectively in years, as much fun as you can have while scantily clothed. This year D and I have decided we're getting season passes and going more frequently. What we REALLY want is to have a whole group of friends come along with us as well.

  • General Admission $34.99 at the gate/$29.99 if you buy online
  • Kids 48" & Under $24.99
  • Parking $8.00
Season Passes
  • Six Flags White Water - $54.99
  • Six Flags White Water/Six Flags Over Georgia - $99.99
Rates For Groups
Packages include admission to Six Flags White Water, American Adventures, FREE parking and a choice of 3 meal packages.

Group tickets are available for only $21.99 per person plus tax. Tickets are valid any regular operating day.
Plus. . . with every 15 tickets you order in advance, you will receive one complimentary ticket.

All cash group orders are pre-paid and must be ordered a minimum of two weeks in advance by mail, or by phone (770-948-9290) with a credit card.

Group Ticket Rates are not available at the gate.
Check out the rides! I've uploaded more pictures to a gallery here, check them out as well.

This place is TOO much fun. Plus, there's tons of eye candy to boot. Everything from beautiful Abercrombie/Hollister types to hot daddies and cubs, EVERYBODY WINS! And besides, if a bunch of us went you know we'd rule the muthafuckin' park.

Who wants to go later in the season, maybe in June when we're closer to Pride? If you're interested, comment to this post and I'll keep track of it. I'll stay on this topic for a while and keep a running tally of who wants in on this. It'll need to be on a Saturday I'm thinking, just to accommodate work schedules and what not. I know that myself, D, Maggie, and my babies Cole & Avery are a definite - I suspect that daisy_down and her family would be as well.

Also, the lovely (and hysterically funny) arie has offered to have an evening BBQ at her place, which is only a mile or two down the road from Whitewater after we get sufficiently waterlogged and tired of playing. I'm all about cooking for a crowd, too! I even suspect there might be beer or wine involved, but perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part.

So - who wants to go??? And by all means, post a link to this in your own LJs and communities!!!
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