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I Will Say This Nicely ONCE - After That, It's Open Season On Your Asses...

ALL of you - John, Mandy, W H O M E V E R...

Kindly never mention anything of one another in my presence in a disparaging way again, ever, for as long as I am capable of breathing. Ever. Again. It's tired, it is boring, it is COMPLETELY fucking childish and beneath me, and I will not listen. You insult ME by insulting each other. You are no longer part of each other, you've made sufficient choices to destroy everything that was once good with your bad behaviors - I'm telling you that's MORE than enough. I haven't the patience for it anymore.

There is too much other shit in the world and in life in general that is more important than this pettiness and childishness.

Get on with your lives, lick your wounds, and suck it up. I think I speak for the collective that is still trying to maintain respect for BOTH of you here. If not, I have no problem waving the flag on my own.

Can you tell that I'm about ready to fucking kill someone today?

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