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Well, Why The Hell Not...

Seven things that scare you
1. clowns
2. heights
3. religious fanaticism
4. that "Songs 4 Life" commercial where all these fundies are swooning with their hands raised and eyes closed with constipated looks on their faces to crap like "Shiiiiiine, Jesus Shiiiiine..."
5. birds
6. crowds
7. bad breath (on me or anyone else)

Seven things you love
1. Damien & the Lytle family
2. pugs
3. my family
4. chocolate malts
5. my music
6. Pat Conroy's novels
7. Lilo & Stitch

Seven things you hate
1. stupid people
2. drunk people
3. people who abuse aminals and/or children
4. women who choose abusive men and then whine about their own fucking choices
5. being poor
6. shaving
7. fundamentalists

Seven things in your room
1. books
2. dried roses
3. pictures
4. the quilt my mama gave me
5. pillows
6. two fans
7. blue walls

Seven random facts about you
1. I'm Italian & Greek
2. I love to cook
3. I love motion and movement
4. Music is completely magical to me
5. I cannot stand being crowded
6. I'm not afraid of dying
7. I hate driving in Phenix City

Seven things you plan to do before you die
1. own a new BMW
2. learn guitar
3. punch Fred Phelps in the face on CNN and MSNBC live
4. sing onstage with Jennifer
5. get a degree in Egyptology
6. take the Buckley Pilgrimage
7. be the author of a best selling novel and/or children's book

Seven things you can do
1. cook really well
2. fix just about anything around the house
3. build stuff
4. take a lawnmower apart and put it back together again
5. change my own oil and thermostat in my car, etc. etc.
6. remain calm in a crisis
7. read people's minds

Seven things you can't do
1. tolerate stupidity
2. be complacent
3. listen to Jewel
4. understand humans in general
5. ride on another airplane
6. appreciate rap "music" ::feh!::
7. waste my energy

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