Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I'm not that impressed by a lot these days. Most things just fly right by me. I've never really been that hip on American Idol as I find the contestants for the most part to be trite and cliche in their choices and stylings, and the fact that they do (forthe most part) more karaoke than actual performance, they generally don't try to make the songs they perform their own. Also, they're just too 'cute' and that also bothers me. Enter Chris Daughtry.

...w h o a...

Not only did I do a serious double take as he's fucking gorgeous, but the other night he performed Fuel's "Hemhorrage (In My Hands)" and it fucking rocked balls. I mean seriously, I got chills. The guy is a consummate showman, he commanded your attention and totally worked the song in his own way. His voice is clear and just gravelly enough to stay clear but still have that thick, angry bite that keeps the edges sharp and prevents him from being boring. His vibrato is very deep and pronounced, sort of Rob Thomas only a lot less Stevie Nicksesque goaty, which turns me off. And again, there's the fact that he's hot.

In case you're not a fan of the show, in case you missed it, and in case I've piqued your curiousity enough, I have for you here both the MP3 of the performance and video. The video is an .AVI file, so if you have any trouble playing it you'll need to download and install the DIVX codec. Trust me, it's worth it just to swoon over him, but I really love this song and as much as I generally hate covers, he wore this one out. Good stuff.

Chris Daughtry - Hemhorrage (In My Hands)

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