Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Welcome To Georgia, Where We Teach Our Children That Substandard Mediocrity Is A-OK!

Georgia ranks 39th - 30-fucking-9th - in the nation in education. Our median household income ranks 23rd, our gross national product 10th, and out average annual pay 18th. <snark>The good news is that we rank very high in nosepicking, mouthbreathing, preteen/teenage cretins who have no conception of thought whatsoever.</snark> We also have a surplus of Fox News and "No Child Left Behind" loyalists who, to quote Bush Administration assbandit whore Jeff Gannon/James Guckert, have clearly divorced themselves from reality.

In the 2005 session of the Georgia State Legislature, 240 bills were introduced with the potential to affect children. Those bills settled into 19 committees in the House and 12 in the Senate. Funds for after-school programs are found in DHR and funds for, say, blind children, are found in the Labor Department budgets, respectively. I'm finding it very difficult to come up with an accountable source agency that not only tracks where the spending is coming from, but where it is going. Governor Perdue's "progressive state budgeting process" is supposed to do just this, and to allegedly fuel serious - not acrimonious - debate. That would be all fine and good if Georgians, at least this one, were given any cause to believe that it were not more frivolity on the part of Perdue and the Legislature. Especially not when you have people like Cathy Cox and Nancy Schaefer pulling strings in a wholly different direction that is hardly conducive towards getting children where they need to be educationally speaking. They'd rather play moralists throwing about their positions as women of power headfirst up their tighter-than-security-at-Fort-Knox asses in favor of bullshit like the school clubs notification rubbish that was just signed by Perdue. Because it's much more important to get into trivial matters like that which do absolutely NOTHING to impact the strengthening of the educational system in this state. I mean it's not like it's floundering or anything, not like we're 40th in the nation, we're not Mississippi, right? Fucking pathetic.

THIS is the sort of shit that makes me I-N-F-U-C-K-I-N-G-S-A-N-E. This is a perfect example of what I despise the most about the fanatical rightwingers that have a chokehold on the Republican party, and why their spineless cashing in on this kind of bullshit is what makes me emphatically anti-Republican. We need to strengthen if not completely rebuild via overhauling public education in this state. DO NOT tell me that your role in public service is for the benefit of improving education, that it's all for the kids, and then work spending considerable sums of time and money on horseshit legislation making it mandatory for children to notify parents about the kinds of extracurricular clubs they belong to, just in case they're interested in joining a gay/straight alliance, because God knows we can't have that. As Christians, we cannot have children involved in support groups that do not judge those in need of the support, but instead offer it selflessly for the benefit of fellow students. Did I mention that Christian hypocrisy makes me homidical?

First of all, what the bloody fuck does this kind of a bill have to do with improving the educatioal process in schools? What is possibly going to be offered in a public school setting that would be to the detriment of your child? Why are the parents not being held accountable for their children, what they do and how they represent the values of their parents? If the child is involved in extracurricular activities - those being the ones that happen AFTER SCHOOL - how is it the parents wouldn't know about this and decide then whether or not it were an appropriate activity for their child to participate in? What fucking business is it of yours to make the moral judgement on what kinds of clubs or groups my child should belong to? If your morals and values are so strong and sanctimonious and in line with God's teachings, then why exactly is it you have such a problem with free will? If it's good enough for God, shouldn't it be good enough for you?

And for fuck's sake, somebody wake up Ruth Bader Ginsburg or at the very least stick a mirror under her nose.
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