Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

It's good to be home...

Got home about 30 minutes ago. Had a great time in Tampa, but man am I glad to be home. There's lots to tell about the trip, from the kick ass rental car (a brand new, swanky Jeep Commander) to the antiwar protestors, to the reason they were there at our outrageously overpriced hotel in the first place. It seems we were also sharing the joint with one Hilary Rodham Clinton as well, I snapped a few pictures of her giving a speech in one of the ballrooms.

The wedding was great, the reception even better. I met some fantastic new friends (hello to Kelly & Jim, you sexy motherfuckers you!) and hung out with chosen family. I barely even wanted to maim the kids for very long, and they were pretty well behaved for having been stuck in the car for 14 hours and change. I'm pretty sure that had to do with the DVD system in the car, it did come in pretty handy.

I'm about to head back home and unpack, then take a shower and get ready for bed - my poor ass is T-I-R-E-D. Sorry I missed you Tampa folks, perhaps next time I'll give more advance notice and we can better plan a meet-up. I'll post again before the weekend with pictures and such.

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