Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Scary Noises, just wait until the fundies get a load of this!

Clergy signs up to support evolution
Scientists enlist clergy in evolution battle
ST. LOUIS, Missouri (Reuters) -- American scientists fighting back against creationism, intelligent design and other theories that seek to deny or downgrade the importance of evolution have recruited unlikely allies -- the clergy.

And they have taken their battle to a new level, trying to educate high school and even elementary school teachers on how to hold their own against parents and school boards who want to mix religion with science.

While they feel they have won the latest round against efforts to bring God into the classroom, the scientists say they have little doubt their opponents are merely regrouping.

"It's time to recognize that science and religion should never be pitted against one another," American Association for the Advancement of Science President Gilbert Omenn told a news conference on Sunday.

Bush: Don't Be Discouraged By War
And I quote:
"We shouldn't be discouraged about setbacks, short term setbacks, or the enemy's capacity to take innocent life, because we've seen democracy change the world in the past."
- President Bush

File that one under "What the shit is he talking about?"

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