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I had two very odd dreams last night. In one, I took Mom & Sally with me to the desert to this remote place where I had set up a bonfire for the white truck with one headlight - and we burned that mutha to the ground. It was a cleansing ritual of sorts, taking control of a bad situation and putting some finality to it. Putting it to bed, so to speak. That reminds me, we have to get Sally a Live Journal account. Mom, get me her email address and mention it to her next time you talk to her about her having a journal - I'll set it up for her.

The other dream was me revisiting my walk home from school. I was in 2nd grade and there was a crosswalk from my school to the neighborhood I lived in. It was a 4 block walk home from school and I remember that there was a store on the way where you could buy Coke in those great long glass bottles, peach and strawberry sodas, and penny and nickel candy of all kinds. In my dream I went back to that place and walked the route back home from school. It was cool.

Sometime in the morning I'm going to Books-A-Million to look at home magazines and jot down ideas for the house I'm designing, the one I'm calling the "Dream House". I'm still trying to figure out the architect's software and landscaping program I received from Damien & Mom (Thanks again for that!!) but once I have a clear idea of the layout and features of this house all will be better. I have a few sketches of what I want and a list of stuff to add on and modify.

When I was in younger and deciding on what I was going to study in college for a career I wanted to be an architect. Then the summer before my last year of high school I had that pesky nervous breakdown and wound up in the local looney bin, so needless to say it never happened. I'm determined to have part of that vision executed, though. Even if I never get to see this house one day and live in it and spend my life perfecting it's interior to be my family's home, I'll at least have made it completely in my mind and on paper.
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