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'Tis Sunday, and my stomach is not killing me for once!


I've had stomach yuck for two days now, and have almost consumed an entire bottle of pink stuff by myself. I feel much better now, but the cramping was intense. It was as if I'd consumed an entire bottle of Violent Schitz™ peppermint schnapps or something. I know - nice.

D is almost all moved in to his brand new loft, which is VERY nice and VERY big. IN fact, the square footage of this place is bigger than our house and the cubic footage is two of them. Yeah, that big. There's stuff everywhere right now between the boxes and such but that's okay - no final unpacking and putting things in order until the last thing is moved in. I've already gotten the kitchen put in order for the most part (of course, that's MY office) and the rest is coming along nicely. Sleeping on the new bed ROCKED BALLS. OH. MY. GOD. I. LOVE. THIS. BED.

Today we're doing the rest of the move, unpacking the loft, and exploring the grounds outside. I'm going to get LOTS of pictures and will upload them to a gallery for you all later. Be prepared to get jealous as all hell!

On a personal note, thanks to all who sent me good energy over the past two weeks, I sincerely appreciate it. There's been a lot (still is, who am I kidding) going on with me lately, and in many ways I am at war with myself - but it's getting better.

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