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7th-Aug-2002 08:10 am
I just found out that Tool is playing in Atlanta... Tonight... I'd love to see them live, but I'm just glad it isn't A Perfect Circle, because I'd REALLY be upset. Speaking of which, A P C needs to come off with another cd - like real soon. I know they were supposed to do the soundtrack to "Bikini Bandits", in which Maynard plays Satan - go figure that one - but no word on a new album.

I heard the new Duncan Sheik single, and while I'm a big fan of his music, I was very let down by this song. Then again, it's going to be hard for him to top songs like "She Runs Away", "Barely Breathing", Wishful Thinking", and "In The Absence Of The Sun".

For some inexplicable purpose, I feel like playing board games and getting a little schnockered on wine or margaritas or something like that. I've been craving beer & and a lowcountry boil lately as well - which is good for sitting out and playing games and such, so long as you have plenty of napkins to wipe your hands on. I'm thinking that my two families need to get together and do this. Get some citronella candles and/or torches, some Christmas lights to string up in the backyard, cook up a lowcountry boil, and play games all night long. And get a little tipsy.

Summer's almost over and we need to get with the program. On a Friday night, when everyone can sleep in late on Saturday morning. Oh yeah.
7th-Aug-2002 06:04 am (UTC)
I'm game... margaritas... mmmmm

What's a "lowcountry boil"?

What are you doing this Friday night? M and N? C? A? Let's get with my folks and see what's on the agenda. Don't forget, you and I are gonna get a couple of lottery tickets this week...

7th-Aug-2002 07:07 am (UTC) - Lowcountry...
The area from GA's coastline, up through most of SC's coastline is known as "The Lowcountry." Mainly due to the sea level. A lowcountry boil is usually shrimp & other delectable goodies from the waters of the Lowcountry. Much the same as a boil in Louisiana. Although I've never heard of LA being called "Lowcountry" I suppose it could be so. Either way - that's some damn good eatin'!!!
7th-Aug-2002 07:04 am (UTC) - TOOL...
According to their website, TOOL will be in Greenville SC tonight. Where you getting your info?
8th-Aug-2002 07:45 am (UTC) - Ready
This family is ready whenever you are! And I think we just all need to do it and quit talking about it. We all need some fun time like that! Well, okay, except Dad, but he can be the designated driver for us all, unless in the unlikely event he would want to play a board game! And we need to get to Toys R Us and get a couple of new games to play! Maybe tonight on the way to ride?
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