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Ta Daaaaa!!!

Just made 2 updates to my Jeff Buckley Fans Journal, dream_brother ~ check it out. Join as a member and make me feel like it is a worthwhile project!

Daughter’s Site Sends Couple To Jail; Husband And Wife Convicted Of Child Porn Charges

Vatican Excommunicates Women Priests For Refusing To Repent ...In other related news, Male Pedophilia Among Priests still not considered an excommunicable offense; "Who do those damned fool women think they are?" says Cardinal Bernard Law know, some people just need to be fucking shot...</i>

John Rocker Still An Egomaniacal, Self Absorbed, Homophobic, Mammoth Asshole

Not a lot else to tell today, I'm thinking it's still too early. I'm hungry ~ need to do something about that soon!

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