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Movie Actor Baldwin Launches Anti-Porn Action, Promises Newspaper Ads
A new sex-oriented business is opening not far from his home outside New York City, and actor Stephen Baldwin is hoping to stop it, possibly with the help of newspaper ads.

One of the family of Baldwin brother (Alex, Billy, Daniel) actors, Stephen Baldwin has become known as a Christian activist, while continuing to gain movie roles.

On Friday, Baldwin, 39, stood outside the "adult entertainment" shop and photographed workers and their vehicles as they got the store ready to open, according to an account in the Journal-News of White Plains, N.Y.

Baldwin told the paper he planned to stand outside the store every day and photograph the license plates of the store's patrons to aid in tracking down their identities. He vowed to take out a full-page newspaper advertisement once a month to publish those names.

"I won't stop until it shuts down," he said. He has said the store will attract crime, lower property values and hurt the quality of life in the largely middle-class town, which is known as something of an artist's enclave.

"I don't want it this close to my house," Baldwin, who lives about a mile away, told the paper. His home just outside Nyack has a sign bearing scripture out front. "I'm personally not OK with pornography," he added. "I definitely think that it adds to the moral decay or our culture."

Local police "responded to the property last night after Baldwin called them about 9:30 p.m.," the newspaper related. "He said the workers were giving him a hard time for taking photographs. Police told Baldwin he was free to protest and take photographs as long as he was not on the store's property."

Fucking dink.
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